Generator answer "Yes" - "No"

Every day, we take a lot of solutions and make a choice between order to carry out any action or give it up. Not always we can quickly take the right decision. Often we hesitate and doubt its correctness. There are times when we just do not know what to do.
If you are plagued by doubts and you are ready to make a choice, then you will come to the aid of our generator answers "Yes" and "No".
This software operates on a coin toss, where the "eagle" and "Reschke" assigned value of "yes" and "no". This method is very simple, but very versatile. Generator works in a way that answers are given, regardless of the issue itself and the time they are given. All answers are random and unpredictable. You can fix the generator to bookmark and use it in the event of disputes.
Naturally, fully held responsible in making decisions on the computer is not necessary. In all should be common sense. However, using our generator you can make your life easier, create a topic for discussion in the company and simply have a good time!

  • The principle of a simple generator - type your question and press "generate". Answer "Yes" or "No" will appear in a moment.

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